School for Spiritual Studies



The School has a dual purpose of providing affordable classes for those who are just discovering their spiritual selves and those who want to deepen their spiritual connection and providing training to professionals who want to increase their cultural comCOUNSELINGpetency in serving this population and who may want to integrate spirit based therapeutic approached in their practice.



E JEAN DUBOSE, LCSW, (BA, Social Sciences and MSW, The Ohio State University. 
Jean has been a Clinical Social Worker for over forty years. In her psychotherapy practice, she assists individuals of all ages with a variety of social and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, grief. She has been engaged in spiritual studies for over thirty years.
She is an empath, a natural healer, and intuitive. She uses these abilities to assist her clients to understand the core issues relating to their concerns.
She integrates holistic therapies and works with the mind, body, emotions, and spirits of individuals when providing psychotherapy to them.
She believes that we all have the ability to heal our lives but that sometimes we need assistance to find the quiet place within each of us where our healing begins.


Advanced registration is required for all Classes and their size will be limited to six participants unless otherwise stated.



This group is for women with anxiety, depression, grief, going through life transitions or other life conditions affecting your sense of self and affecting your ability to cope. The perspective of the group is holistic, looking at all aspects of your life: mind, body, spirit, emotional and environment. We Integrate holistic therapies such as meditation, energy medicine, sound, breath work, and others.  The goals of the group are: know yourself more fully, and to embrace a more balanced and powerful wise womanhood that can both lead and nurture.
The cost is $25. per 90-minute session. The maximum group size is 6.
This group will meet eight times. New members will not be added after the second session.

Have you been hearing the call of your spirit to awaken to who and what you are? Have you been having paranormal experiences, synchronicities, a more vivid dream life or physical symptoms that seem unusual? Are you feeling blocked and believe that you are not progressing the way you want?
This class is a spiritual mentoring group and provides a safe and supportive environment to share your experiences whether this is new to you or whether you are deepening your connection.
There will be discussion and the opportunity for you to experience various techniques to assist you on your journey. We will support you, challenge you and guide you on your journey.



CRYSTAL/ GEMSTONES- Learn to Connect with Their Energy.Smokey Quartz crystal healing wand

NEW GROUP BEGINS MARCH 23,2019. THE SECOND SESSION IS MARCH 30, 2019. THE GROUP MEETS FROM 9:30 T0 11 AM.                                    

The first class introduces you to the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and how to use them for self-healing and to facilitate the healing of others. You will learn to create a spiritual connection to the spirit of the stones and to allow your intuition to be your guide. The second session you will practice with each other and refine your techniques. If you have crystals and gemstone, bring them to the second session. $25.00.


Energy FieldBECOME AN ENERGY HEALING FACILITATOR. This class meets for four sessions, the fourth session is a free healing clinic for you to practice with others
You will be taught about the Energy Field and how to access it for your own healing and to assist others in their healing. We will start with self-healing so that you will be able to release any energy blocks that are preventing you from accessing the higher vibrational frequencies. All healing is essentially self-healing, you will learn to set the environment for others to heal themselves. $25.00 each class. TBA


COUNSELINGCome and experience the healing sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, drums, chanting for healing and prevention.

This is helpful for those with cancer, other serious and chronic illness and as a preventative measure to decrease the effect of stress in your life.

Mitchell Gaynor, MD, an oncologist and author of Sounds of Healing-A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice, and Music. “…distinguishes between curing and healing. To “cure” means physically to fix something, whereas “healing” refers to wholeness, a union of the mind, body, and spirit.”   Dr. Gaynor, who had an oncology practice in Manhattan considers sound healing integrative medicine, a complement to a patient’s treatment. He leads bi-weekly support groups for his patients that involve chanting and playing Tibetan singing bowls. The bowls are made of several kinds of metal; when struck gently on the rim with a wood baton, they vibrate at different frequencies, making sounds, not unlike church bells.  He also added Crystal singing bowls which he found to be particularly helpful in creating a relaxation response.  Meditation with chanting and bowls takes us outside of our own egos and fears.  And, the patient at peace within puts up the best fight against cancer ( and other illnesses). That is significant because stress can depress every aspect of the immune system, “including those that protect us against flu and against cancer. Listening to pleasing sounds can reduce the body”s levels of cortisol. When the heart rate is relatively steady, and breathing is deep and slow, stress hormones decrease. TBA


We are energy beings in a field of energy.  The subtle energy field is the blueprint of our physical self. Our thoughts manifest disharmony which shows up in our energy field and then back into the physical if not resolved.

Being able to “read” our chakras helps us find the blocks and gives us an opportunity to resolve them and rise to our spiritual potential.