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The Place of Healing Therapy Holistic Center provides traditional and holistic medicine services for the whole person.  The balance of spirit, mind, body, and emotions is the essence of healing whether you use traditional or holistic medicine therapies.

  • Healing requires a willingness and openness to consider a variety of methods for your healing journey.
  • Holistic Medicine works not just with your symptoms, but also looks at the core issues, the underlying cause of your concern.
  • You take an active part in your treatment.
  • Prevention is also a key component and you will be taught strategies to maintain your state of wellness.


We offer psychotherapy provided by an Arizona State Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License Number: LCSW-0198).  While we offer traditional therapeutic interventions, most of our clients choose to integrate complementary holistic therapies such as meditation, guided imagery, and energy medicine to assist in the resolution of their problems.  You are able to use your insurance for psychotherapy.

Jean is a warm and engaging therapist, who has the ability to see beyond your words and assist you to get to the core of your issue.  She is committed to helping you to succeed and to recognize your ability to change your life.

Many insurance companies, like Blue Cross, Cigna, Optum offers payment for online counseling through secure video conference for their Arizona Plans.  As of January 2015, all insurance companies in Arizona are required to offer payment for counseling by video conference if you live in a medically under-served area.  Please check with your insurance company.

We contract with Cigna, United Health Care,  Aetna, Blue Cross, Ceredian, Military One Source, Tricare, Medicare, MHN, Magellan. Meritain, Alliance Work Partners, among others.



We offer holistic medicine therapies for clients who do not need psychotherapy but who have life issues such as life transitions, personal growth that are interfering with their ability to lead a life that is satisfying to them.

Some of the therapies are essential oils/aromatherapy, energy medicine, intuitive counseling, and mind/body therapies such as meditation, imagery, sound, and hypnosis.

Also, clients may choose these services for prevention or for personal growth.



We offer Transformational Life Coaching to assist you to attain your goals to transform your life.   You, the client sets the agenda and the job of the coach is to help you to explore the issue deeper, develop new thoughts about the issue, and to develop solutions. You may want healthier relationships, to align your personal values with your business values or to identify and overcome obstacles to your success. We use holistic medicine therapies to assist you to attain your coaching goals.


We have established a  School for Spiritual Studies.

We offer small class sizes at affordable fees.

If your soul has been urging you toward expansion, you have an urge to understand and develop your spirituality,  you have been looking for purpose and meaning in your life or you have had “strange” experiences that you don’t understand, this school may be for you.

Some of the Classes offered are:

  • Tools for Transformation
  • Shamanic Journey for Spiritual Awakening
  • Healing Sounds Drum Circle
  • Spiritual Emergence
  • Crystal/Gemstone Healing
  • Auras/Chakras/Kundalini