A New year, a New path, a New you.

An organization that I was a  member a number of years ago always had a burning bowl ceremony on New Years’ Eve.  We would start by meditating on the past year and recall thoughts, beliefs, actions, relationships and events that we would like to release.  Then we would write those items on a piece of paper and walk to a burning bowl and place the paper in it, ritually releasing the past.

We would then meditate on what we wanted for our lives for the New Year and write it down.  Then it would be time to write an affirmation  on the paper such as ” I embrace the opportunity to create a life in which I go with the flow of changes in my life and see them as opportunities for growth”.  By doing this , we set a flexible blueprint for the coming year knowing that as changes occur the blueprint would need to be adapted.

What about you. ?  What in the past do you need to let go of? What changes do you need to embrace? What kind of life will you create for yourself for 2015?new year 2015