Woman’s Transformational Group

This group is for women with anxiety, depression, grief, going through life transitions or other life conditions affecting your sense of self and affecting your ability to cope. The perspective of the group is holistic, looking at all aspects of your life: mind, body, spirit, emotional and environment. We Integrate holistic therapies such as meditation, energy medicine, sound, breath work, and others. It begins September 8, 2018, and meets every second and fourth Saturday. The goals of the group are: know yourself more fully, and to embrace a more balanced and powerful wise womanhood that can both lead and nurture.
The cost is $25. per 90-minute session and may be covered by insurance if you meet the qualifications. The maximum group size is 7.
This group will meet eight times. New members will not be added after the second session.
Register at: Jean.placeofhealing@gmail.com.