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Counseling to Heal Your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit

Meet E Jean DuBose, LCSW


Jean has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 40 years.  She is licensed in Arizona, LCSW-0198. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University School of Social Work. Social Work is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, and groups  to enhance their individual and collective well-being. It aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources to resolve problems. Social Work takes a holistic approach, taking onto account social, emotional, psychological and environment factors.

 Jean is a warm , intuitive and engaging therapist, who has the ability to see beyond your words and assist you to get to the core of your issue.  She is committed to helping you to succeed and to recognize  and honor your ability to change your life.  

While we offer traditional therapeutic interventions, most of our clients choose to integrate complementary holistic therapies such as meditation, guided imagery, and energy medicine to assist in the resolution of their problems.  You are able to use your insurance for psychotherapy.  We also provide Holistic Services as a stand alone service for those who do not want/need psychotherapy.

We accept private pay,  many Insurance and EAP Plans and Medicare.  We are not able to accept AHCCCS/Medicaid Plans.

About Us

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light,  not our darkness which most frightens us."    Marianne Williamson


The Place of Healing Holistic Counseling Center provides affordable, accessible and ethical counseling  to those who are ready to change their lives, claim their healing  and stop being in physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

We provide counseling for individuals, couples, teens, and seniors to help you heal and return to a state of balance in your life.


Psychotherapy, from its Greek origin, means to tend or render service to the soul or life spirit. My goal is to assist you to find that quiet place within you, your soul or life spirit, where your healing begins. From this source, you have the opportunity to transform your life. Couples can learn to truly know and accept one another and take their relationship to a higher level. Many of my clients describe me as warm and intuitive and believe that I am able to get to the core of their issues in a relatively short time.

Our therapy together is a collaborative effort, your active participation leads to the deepest healing. And I add integrative therapies such as meditation, imagery, energy medicine, sound, healing, breath work, as needed, to assist you on your healing journey. Psychotherapy can be provided by secure Video Conferencing to Arizona residents. Holistic counseling is available everywhere on a private pay basis.

I have learned that integration of mind, body, and spirit creates the greatest transformation. Therapy by secure video conferencing is available to all Arizona residents. In person counseling is only available in the Tucson Area. I have an open and affirming practice and treat everyone with dignity and respect.